Prof. Mohammed Anwer
Dean, School of Engineering & Computer Science
Ext: 2280

These are exciting times in engineering. Technology and its impact on human life is changing at a pace beyond anyone's imagination. To keep pace with these changes, first and foremost, we need a band of learners who will be willing to enhance their own knowledge, build on this knowledge to extend the boundaries of the knowledge; and then train a new generation of learners. That is our goal at the School of Engineering and Computer Science of Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB). Our faculty members continuously learn, and train the students to learn.

The departments within the school constantly continue to build on this theme. The curriculum of different degree programs reflect the most up-to-date trend in that field. The teaching methodologies also tries to keep up with similar efforts around the world.

The faculty members are also involved in cutting-edge research to lead the way to solve real-life problems. Among other fields, the faculty members of the school are involved in research in nanotechnology and its application, renewable and clean energy conversion, future telecommunication models, robotics, knowledge-based systems, dynamic systems, etc.

The school has an active student body, whose performance outside the classroom is as excellent as their performance inside. There are engineering competitions between student groups and between departments. The students are also active in extracurricular and extra-academic activities. The students have excelled in several inter-university engineering challenges also.

The school has a long list of illustrious alumni who are putting their mark in industry and academics within the country and around the world. Our alumni are serving the nation through their hard work in mobile phone companies, power stations and distribution centers, software companies, banks, insurances, multinational companies, and may more sectors. For graduate studies, our alumni have also been accepted as prestigious universities in North America, Europe, Australia, and the Far East. Wherever our alumni have gone, they have excelled.

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