Prof. Shahriar Khan
Dean, School of Engineering & Computer Science
Ext: 2252

The School of Engg. and Comp. Science is the second largest school at IUB, having the largest number of faculty members with doctorates (17, almost exclusively from foreign universities). We have over 1700 graduates, many of whom are employed at home and abroad.

The Global Workplace
The economies of Bangladesh and the world today are driven by people and workforce, especially in technical fields like engineering and computer science, where there is now a global shortage. There are thousands of Bangladeshis in hi-tech US companies like Intel, Hewlett Packard, etc. One of the three founders of Youtube, Jawed Karim is born of Bangladeshi-American father Naimul Karim. We believe in preparing our students in response to the globalization that has opened up the world to admission seekers and qualified graduates. Not only are Bangladeshis going abroad for higher education, foreign students are coming to Bangladesh for higher education in universities like IUB.

Our collaborations with foreign universities include our 2+2 agreement with the University of South Alabama, which allows EEE majors and Computer Engg. majors to do 2 years at IUB followed by 2 years at the University of S. Alabama. Our degree programs are recognized by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, or the IEEE, the largest professional body in the world.

An internationally reputed university such as IUB, is made by the quality of its research. Research keeps the world moving with inventions and discoveries, Worldwide, universities conduct fundamental research, as teaching and research go together. Students are the essence of research, with their young minds promoting the lively exchange of ideas and stimulating new thought.

One of the specialties of the School of Engineering and Computer Science is the research conducted by undergraduate students. By the time they graduate many of our students will have co-authored several scientific papers.

For the sake of research, we now have the externally funded Center for Cognitive Skill Enhancement and also the Center for Renewable Energy. The school organizes the International Conference on Advances in Electrical Engineering every two years, which recently gained co-sponsorship of the IEEE.

University Life
Our students face a brand new set of challenges typical of university life. The challenge to not only gain knowledge but to think for themselves; to study, without the help of outside coaching and tuition. The challenge to understand classes conducted in English. The challenge to wisely use their new liberties, such as in choosing friends and how to spend time in between classes. We believe they will rise to these challenges, proving themselves worthy of everything that IUB stands for. Let us join in the noble quest in making the most of the IUB experience. Holding up the great spirit of IUB can only be done with the younger generation. Welcome to the School of Engineering and Computer Science.