Prof. Yusuf Mahbubul Islam
Dean, School of Engineering, Technology & Sciences
Ext: 2200

These are trying times and also the time to build the potential of our young generation to innovate and bring out new solutions to our existing problems. To do this, our first target is to develop the thinking mindset of our budding engineers. This is done through a workshop on "Engineering Thinking". This helps to orient the students towards an engineering mindset and the study skills that would help them complete the degree at IUB.

To practice these skills and apply them to real life, IUB has a program called Live in Field Experience (LFE). LFE exposes the students to real life environments, particularly that encountered in rural Bangladesh. At SETS the LFE students look for real life problems they can solve through the use of critical thinking skills and technology. The students can solve this problem by building a prototype for their final year project. If the prototype proves viable, the students can go on to become an entrepreneur to commercialize and sell the product.

The students also have a chance of doing internships with companies during their third year. This gives them exposure to how work is done in companies and also gives them the opportunity to solve any process problems or address any gaps or needs the company may have. This allows the company to judge the potential of the student and later, if vacancies exist, to offer a job.

SETS has a number of other labs that give the student an opportunity to get hands-on engineering experience. These include Networking Lab, Research Lab, Fab Lab (Fabrication Lab), Electronics Lab, Circuit Lab, Optical Fiber Communication Lab, DSP Lab, Sensor & Instrumentation Lab, Power Electronics Lab, MicroProcessor Lab, Electrical Machine Lab, Telecom Lab, Wireless Communication Lab, Networking Lab, Simulation Lab, Robotics Lab, Industrial Automation Lab, High Performance Lab, AI Lab, Physics Lab, GAME Lab among others. These all give the student an ample choice to choose and practice what they may take up as a career.

At SETS we aim to provide the students ample hands on experience and opportunities to develop as a full rounded engineer. Join us to become a complete engineering professional.