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Mathematics is a universal part of human culture and it is considered as the language of nature. It helps to recognize patterns and to understand the world around us. In today’s highly scientific-technological society, mathematics plays a vital and essential, often unseen, role in many aspects of modern life. Mathematical thought and modeling are valued tools in our sophisticated scientific and industrial community. Growth in the use of technology in every aspect of business and industry creates an increasing demand for mathematically skilled work force. On the other hand, Knowledge about statistical theory and methods has become gradually more important to students in many disciplines such as physical sciences, life sciences, social sciences, engineering, business and others. As more and more data is collected, stored and analyzed, students are finding it increasingly useful to gain knowledge in statistics to support their research skills and enhance their career opportunities.

Physics is the most basic and fundamental science and it helps us to understand how the world around us and the world beyond our visible range works. To see the world in new ways and then to change it, Physics gives us powerful tools to help us to express our creativity. It provides quantitative and analytic skills needed for analyzing data and solving problems in the sciences; engineering and medicine; as well as in economics; finance; management; law and public policy. Studying physics provides excellent preparation for graduate students not just in physics but in all other science engineering and technology in finance and economics; even in public policy and journalism.